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September 01, 2004


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Nina Van Horn at House of Live

- Here comes trouble again
- Turn it up
- Stormy monday
- Hoochie coochie girl
- Almost persuaded
- The road
- Malika
- Hound dog
- What's the news
- Nobody's business
- Steamy windows
- I've got dreams to remember
- He's my man
- I can't stand the rain
- Soul shake
- Think

Thi dvd is the caption of the second performance at the Famous House of Live in Paris and a live rendition of her cd "live at Chesterfield Cafe" made one year earlier.
The energy oand pleasure of Nina and her band The midnight Wolf is obvious and so pleasant to see !

Ce dvd est la captation du second passage de Nina Van Horn à la fameuse House of Live , un an après la sortie du cd "live au Chesterfield Café. On y voit une Nina débordante d'énergie et le plaisir de se produire avec son band est plus qu'évident !

Cristal Records, Distribution XIII BIS

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